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EVA Hot Melt Adhesive Rod Bar Stick Extrusion Production Line / Plastic Extruder / Making Machine / Production Machine

Our machine can produce hot melt adhesive strip, special hot melt adhesive stick, hot melt adhesive for art work, hot melt adhesive for toys etc. Our machine is with high quality, high production capacity,and also long durability. We are not the only one who supply hot melt adhesive stick production line, but we are the one who master core extrusion technology, supply high quality equipment and also excellent service for the equipment.We are your right choice for hot melt glue stick extrusion production equipment.

  • Features & Specification

    EVA Hot Melt Adhesive Rod Bar Stick Extrusion Production Line / Plastic Extruder / Making Machine / Production Machine

    Application and features of EVA hot melt adhesive stick extrusion machine

    1. The machine is used to produce EVA hot melt adhesive strip (as belows pictures), special hot melt adhesive rod, hot melt adhesive for art work, hot melt adhesive for toys etc;   


    2. Features and advantages:   

    (1) We supply various formula support, reaction kettle method and extrusion method; extrusion method could make white color adhesive strip;   
    (2) Good mixing effect, stable production, even adhesive rod output, finished product is glossy with good transparency, high output;   
    (3) Good quality reaction kettle, frequency conversion speed adjusting;
    (4) Automatic temperature control, fast die-changing, fast & high efficient water cooling , auto cutting.   

    How to produce hot melt adhesive stick?


    1. Prepare the raw materials according to hot melt adhesive products formula proportion, add them into reaction kettle, turn up the temperature to melt the materials, and blend it evenly; 

    2. Cooling themelt materials to set temperature, put them into running extrusion machine; running speed of the extrusion machine could be set according to different kinds of plastic materials; 

    3. The materials are extruded into water tank through one extruding hole on the extruding head, it is calibrated immediately after it touches cooling water, the running speed of the adhesive rod in the water wank is controlled by extruding speed of extrusion machine;

    4. Keep speed of tractor machine matching with speed of extrusion machine, adjusting and controlling well relations among extruding speed,cooling calibration speed, and tractor machine speed, and adjusting cutting length;

    5. Cut cooled adhesive rod and pack finished adhesive rods in cartons.      



    Hot melt adhesive stick extrusion machine commissioning in client factory


    We one of the leading precise plastic extrusion machines manufacturers and makers. If you are interested in our eva hot melt adhesive rod bar stick extrusion production line / plastic extruder / making machine / production machine, welcome to place orders with our producers. For more details, contact our factory now. Good after-sale service and fast delivery are available.

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