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High Output Stable Running ABS PLA 3d Printer Filament Plastic Extrusion Line

High Output Stable Running ABS PLA 3d Printer Filament Plastic Extrusion Line

3d printing technology becomes more and more popular in many kinds of field,the demand for 3d printer consumables ABS PLA filament is growing consequently. Our plastic extrusion line could be used to produce 1.75mm, 3.0mm ABS PLA filament with high output, high quality and stable performance. It is composed of 3d printer filament extruder machine,3d printer filament extrusion mould, 3d printer filament vacuum calibration water tank,3d printer filament haul off unit, 3d printer filament winder machine, laser diameter measure gauge, thread storage stand with tension station.

  • Features & Specification

    High Output Stable Running ABS PLA 3d Printer Filament Plastic Extrusion Line

    Introduction of High output stable running ABS PLA 3d printer filament plastic extrusion line

    1. The plastic extrusion line consists of: 

    (1) 3d printing consumables main extruder machine; 

    (2) 3d printing consumables mould; 

    (3) 3d printing consumables cooling calibration water tank;  

    (4) 3d printing consumables puller;  

    (5) 3d printing consumables thread storage stand;  

    (6) 3d printing consumables tension station;  

    (7) 3d printing consumables winder machine.    

    3D 耗材生产线.jpg

    2. Capacity: about 10kg/hour;  

    3. Area: 14x1.5M;

    4. Precision: ±0.03mm; 

    5. Free services supplied as bellows: 

    (1) All the equipment is allowed to be delivered from our factory only after it is tested and commissioned ok for stable production of acceptable products in our factory;   

    (2) Technique support at free cost forever, installation and commissioning in buyer’s factory, operation technology training to buyer’s workers; 

    (3) Guarantee: one year after the equipment is installed and commissioned ok in buyer’s factory; If any problem reported by buyer during the guarantee period, our factory shall give response by email, fax or phone within 24 hours. 


    We one of the leading precise plastic extrusion machines manufacturers and makers. If you are interested in our high output stable running abs pla 3d printer filament plastic extrusion line, welcome to place orders with our producers. For more details, contact our factory now. Good after-sale service and fast delivery are available.
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