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What Is PMMA Acrylic Or Called Plexiglass?
Jul 28, 2017

Acrylic, also known as PMMA or plexiglass, it has good transparency, chemical stability and weatherability, it also has features like: easy dyeing, easy processing and nice appearance. It is widely used in construction industry. 

PMMA products can be seen in many different applications, including lighting, stair railing, handicrafts, cosmetics, stents, household products, etc., Since it has high transparency, its light transmission rate reaches 92%, thus it has one good name as "plastic crystal" also. Also as it is weather resistant, thus it is very good material for outdoor use, it also has both good surface hardness and gloss, can be made into a variety of shapes. 


Polymethyl methacrylate can be processed by extrusion molding, plexiglass sheet, bar, pipe could be produced for various different application. The advantage of PMMA extrusion production is high production efficiency, especially for pipe and bar. Extrusion can adopt single or double-stage exhaust extruder, screw length to diameter ratio is generally 20-25. 

We supply both PMMA acrylic plexiglass pipe extrusion production line and PMMA acrylic bar plastic extrusion production line for production of PMMA pipe & PMMA bar Acrylic rod separately by different extrusion technology. Oil calibration is specially designed to produce PMMA rod, while sole water cooling calibration is suitable for PMMA tube extrusion production. PMMA acrylic bar plastic extrusion production line

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