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What Is PC Material Use And PC Light Tube Making Machine?
Aug 15, 2017

PC polycarbonate is mainly used in the production of industrial products, used instead of metals and other alloys, in the machinery industry for impact resistance and high strength parts. Glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate has the characteristics of a metal, instead of copper, zinc, aluminum, equal pressure castings. Polycarbonate can be injected molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, rotary forming, vacuum forming and solvent casting, such as diaphragm technology. The parts can also be machined, punched at normal temperature, sawed and welded and bonded. The injection molding of polycarbonate resin is usually carried out by screw type injection machine. Barrel temperature: 250~320 degrees, the injection pressure of 50 ~ 80MPa, mold temperature: 85~120 degrees, screw speed: 40 ~ 60 /min, final heat treatment: first in 100 ~ 105 DEG C in an oven for baking for 10 minutes, then 30 minutes in 120 ~ 125 degrees bake, natural cooling to room temperature.

PC can be injection molding, extrusion, molding, blow molding, thermoforming, printing, bonding, coating and machining. PC alloy has a wide variety, which can improve the viscosity of PC melt (processability) and easy stress cracking of the products. PC and different polymers form alloy or blends to improve the properties of the material. The specific PC/ABS alloy, PC/ASA alloy, PC/PBT alloy, PC/PET alloy, PC/PET/ elastomer blends, PC/MBS blends, PC/PTFE alloy, PC/PA alloy, and there are two kinds of material properties and advantages, and reduce the cost, such as PC/ABS alloy, PC with high heat resistance, good toughness and impact strength, high strength ABS, flame retardant, can improve formability, surface quality, reduce the density. Three applications of PC are glass assembly and automobile industry and electronic industry, followed by industrial machinery parts, CD, packaging, computers and other office equipment, medical and health care, film, leisure and protective equipment etc.. PC can be used as doors and windows, and PC laminates are widely used in banks, embassies, detention centers and public places. They are used for aircraft cabins, lighting fixtures, industrial safety guards and bulletproof glass. The PC board can do all kinds of signs, such as steam pump, dial the car dashboard, warehouse and open commercial signs, sliding point indicator, PC resin used for automobile dashboard camera system, system and interior system, used as the lampshade, with a reinforcing car front plate, reflective frame, door frame sleeve, operating rod sheath, resistance flow board, PC is used as a junction box, socket, plug and sleeve, gasket, TV conversion device, telephone line connector bracket under the communication cable, switch box, telephone switchboard, switchboard components, relay shell, PC can do low load for household appliances, motor parts, vacuum cleaners, washing machine, coffee the power tool machine, baking bread machine, handle all kinds of gear, worm gear, shaft sleeve, guide gauge, refrigerator shelf. PC is the ideal material for optical disk storage media. 

PC light tube making machine is used to produce light tube (LED lampshade) by PC extrusion way. It is composed of belows: 

1. PC material extruder machine; 

2. PC light tube extruding die (single color or double color); 

3. Vacuum pump calibration cooling water platform; 

4. Belt type haul off unit (high efficiency PU foamed wear resistant multi wedge belt); 

5. Saw blade cutter machine; 

6. Convey and collection stand. 

PC 灯管样品 2.jpg