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What Is FEP Material?
Aug 09, 2017

FEP is tetrafluoroethylene and Propylene Copolymerization into six fluorine.

The FEP crystal melting point is 580 degrees Fahrenheit, density of 2.15g/CC (g/cm3), it is a kind of soft plastic, its tensile strength, abrasion resistance, creep resistance is lower than that of many engineering plastics. It is chemically inert and has a lower dielectric constant (2.1) over a wide range of temperatures and frequencies. The material does not ignite, which prevents the flame from spreading. It has excellent weather resistance, low friction coefficient, from low temperature to 392 degrees F and can be used. The material can be made into a granular product for extrusion and molding and is used as a powder for fluid bed and electrostatic finishing and as a water dispersible solution. Semi-finished products have film and board. Rods and single fibers. The FEP sold by the American market has the Teflon brand of DUIPont company, the Neoflo brand of Daikin company, and the IHoustaflow brand of Hoechst Celanese company. Its main use is for the village, and the chemical equipment making roller tube surface and all kinds of wire and cable, such as aircraft hook line, booster cable, alarm cable, flat cable and well logging cable. The FEP film has been seen as a thin coating for solar collectors.

Due to FEP features, FEP tubing is popular in many industries including medical industry. FEP medical tubing demand is increasing. Our FEP medical tubing machine could be used to produce FEP material medical tubing. 

We have engaged a fluoroplastic senior engineer from national plastic research laboratory as technique advise, thus our fluoroplastic extrusion forming technology is matured and reliable. 

FEP medical tubing making machine includes belows: 

1. Single screw FEP extruder machine; 

2. FEP extruding die; 

3. Medical grade cooling calibration water tank; 

4. Laser diameter measurement gauge; 

5. Medical grade haul off unit with cutter; 

6. FEP tube convey and collection stand; 

7. FEP tube winder machine (option)