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What Do Heating To The Plastic Material In Plastic Extruder?
Aug 23, 2017

The plastic material which can be extruded is hot plastic - which melts when heated and solidifies again when cooled. Where does the heat which melt the plastic come from? Feed preheating and cylinder / mould heater may play a role in and it is very important when starting it, but the motor input energy (friction heat generated in the barrel when the motor overcomes the resistance of the melt viscosity to turn the screw running) is the most important heating source of all plastic material, except for small systems, low speed, high melt temperature and screw plastic extrusion coating application.

For all other operations, it is important to recognize that the barrel heater is not the primary heat source in operation, and therefore the effect on extrusion may be smaller than we anticipated. The temperature of the rear cylinder may still be important because it affects the speed of solid material delivery in the teeth or in the feed. The mold head and die temperature should usually be the desired melt temperature or near this temperature unless they are used for a specific purpose, such as glazing, fluid distribution, or pressure control, so this must be noted when we think about the heat source for plastic material in plastic extruder machine.