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Types Of New Screw For Plastic Extruder Machine
Aug 27, 2017

The plastic extruder screw is the core part of plastic extruder. The transportation, mixing, plasticizing of the material are carried out under the action of extruding the screw.

At present, the new type of screw is constantly poking out, and the screw structure is developing towards high efficiency and low energy consumption. The butterfly rod selection is centered on the structural form and model number and specifications. The selection is based on yield, quality, energy consumption, processability, life and economy.

Commonly used new types of screw are: 1. shunt screw, the structure is characterized by a milling rod on the bar, or installation of nail nails, open shunt or shunt holes. The machine with this type of screw has the advantages of high plasticizing efficiency, good mixing uniformity and good product quality, and has been widely applied. 

2. barrier type screw is characterized in the screw rod on the position of the "barrier", in order to achieve solid material by solid phase and to hinder the purpose of melting. One of the simplest is the configuration of a barrier type mixing element at the head of the plain screw. Mainly used in polyolefin materials.

3. the variable flow type screw: Its features are that the cross section shape of the screw passage or the sectional area is the change angle. Its representative is the waveform screw. Because of the screw compression, shear and relax more frequently, it is not suitable for heat sensitive plastics processing. Although the double wave groove screw is difficult to be manufactured, the plasticizing and mixing quality is better, and the utility model is suitable for difficult to process plastic and has high plasticizing efficiency.

Another type of screw is wear and corrosion resistance screw: this is particularly effective in processing of glass fiber, or plastic which is easy to produce corrosive decomposition products.