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The Motor And Barrel Are Opposite In Plastic Extruder
Aug 26, 2017

Why the control effect of barrel is not always as expected, especially in the measurement area? If heating barrel body, barrel wall material layer viscosity becomes smaller, the motor needs less energy in this more smooth barrel. Motor current (amperage) decreased. Conversely, if the barrel is cooled and the melt viscosity at the barrel wall increases, the motor must rotate more vigorously, the amperage increases, and some of the heat removed through the barrel is sent back by the motor. In general, the barrel cylinder adjuster does have an effect on the melt, which is what we expect, but nowhere is the effect variable. It's best to measure the melt temperature to really see what's going on. This is not suitable for mould head and mould. This could help produce higher quality products and also help operate the plastic extruder more effectively.