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The Extruder Temperature Is Difficult To Control
Apr 19, 2017

In China, filling masterbatch granulator using mostly mixer with forced side feed granulation single screw extruder, screw diameter should not be long short, because the rubber in the extrusion process heat, screw the longer the greater the friction coefficient, the extrusion temperature is not easy to control, this is a big problem of rubber masterbatch granulation.

It is the biggest skill characteristic: the new preparation technology used throughout the cold processing, with low processing temperature, can avoid rubber additives show the melting recrystallization damage after thinning of the standard particle additives had the maximum limit, ensure the formulation of planning "refinement solubilization" characteristics.

The extruder temperature is difficult to control

The extruder temperature is difficult to control

The temperature control system of domestic masterbatch granulator is divided into two kinds, one is the cooling system around the pipeline, through the copper tube around the screw barrel cooling medium access. Just another jacket, the cooling system is relatively independent, and planning for the jacket type extrusion barrel hollow external cooling medium, is a temperature control effect significantly.

The spindle of the masterbatch granulator is designed and manufactured by the principle of building blocks. According to the processing material system and process formula, the ratio of length to diameter, barrel structure, screw arrangement, net structure, quantity and position of the exhaust, feeding mode, electrical control mode, etc., can be optimized and reasonable configuration. To achieve multiple functions and applications to make full use of the space design Co. the latest form of involute spline mandrel structure of polymer material, to ensure the maximum bearing capacity, high torque transmission; the screw elements of the computer aided design for the conjugate type.

Filling masterbatch granulator has great use of space, which is characterized by the formation of rubber additives can reduce the workshop in the mixing of the pollution and loss of raw rubber and. Therefore, energy conservation and environmental protection into the new direction for the development of masterbatch granulator, which can improve the workshop staff useful work environment, with cut powder additives due to loss of formula layout, mixing time and mixing cut rubber, useful to drop the product cost.