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The Effect Of Sealing Strip In Shower Door
Apr 19, 2017

Modern families are becoming more and more open and personality. Although the shower room is not a new thing in modern family, but transparent glass door is not acceptable to any family. If you want to make your home wet and dry and do not want to use too complex and expensive whole bathroom, in the shower room on the door with the sealing strip can be achieved dry and wet partition. All gaps are equipped with waterproof sealing strip

The door of the shower room is provided with a waterproof adhesive strip which is shown in the picture, which can effectively prevent the water from splashing out of the gap in the process of using the shower room. This kind of shower room has more magnets in it, which makes it more stable.

Tips: the next door seal strip clean, the specific steps are as follows. 1, open the door, remove the seal. 2, clean sealing strip, remove dirt. 3, the seal will be installed to the lower edge of the glass door. In the installation of the sealing strip, the sealing strip should be kept (prominent) installed in the door.