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Small Size FEP PFA Medical Tubing Extrusion Machine Test Production Successfully
Jul 18, 2017

FEP medical tubing extrusion machine is used to produce FEP PFA material medical use tubing. The diameter of medical use FEP tubing is generally very small, thus its extrusion production technology is much more difficult than that of big size FEP tubing. 

The FEP PFA medical tubing extrusion production line consists of belows: 

1. Main extruder machine (one more auxiliary extruder machine for co-extrusion if the tube is in dual colors); 

FEP tubing co-extrusion.jpg

2. Extruding die; 

3. Vacuum calibration cooling water tank; 

4. Haul off unit / puller unit; 

5. Cutter machine; 

6. Collection stand; 

7. Winder machine (for option); 

8. Laser diameter measurement gauge; 

The difficulty of small size FEP PFA medical tubing extrusion production process is: 

1. Keep the size / diameter stable; 

2. Keep surface finish of the tubing smooth, as rough surface of tubing is not approved for medical use. 

By special extrusion & cooling calibration technology, by coordinating the extrusion heating temperature, cooling media and vacuum volume adjusting, the size of FEP PFA tube produced by our extrusion line is very stable, and the surface finish of the tube is also very smooth, good for medical use. 

After we tested the FEP PFA medical tubing extrusion production line successfully, the whole line was shipped to overseas.