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Single Screw Extruder
Apr 19, 2017

What is the principle and structure of a single screw extruder as a common extruder for plastics processing? The following is an analysis of the principle of the single screw extruder from the conveying section, compression section and metering section of the extruder.

Single screw extruder in the effective length is divided into three sections, according to the size of the screw diameter, pitch, the depth of the screw to determine the effective length of the three sections, generally divided by each of the 1/3.

High order single screw extruder design of double integral using machine, strengthening plasticizing function, to ensure the high speed and high performance stable extrusion, special barrier mixing comprehensive design, ensure the blending effect, high shear and low melting plasticizing temperature ensures high performance at low temperature and low pressure measurement of material extrusion. Design concept and characteristics: high speed, high yield extrusion in Gaoping.

Principle of single screw extruder

Feed the last thread to call here the material conveying requirements can not but be plasticizing, preheating, compression compaction, extrusion past the old theory that here the material is loose, then through the proof here is the actual material solid plug, which means there is a material after being squeezed as solid plug, so long as completed it is the function of the transport task.

The principle of single screw extrusion machine: second section spiral groove section called compression volume gradually changes from big to small, and the temperature to reach the plasticizing degree, the compression by the conveying section three, down to here, this is called screw compression ratio - 3:1, some machines have changed, complete the plasticized material into third.

The principle of single screw extrusion machine: the third paragraph is to maintain the material metering section of the plasticizing temperature, just like the metering pump as accurately and quantitatively the melt conveying material, to supply the head, when the temperature is not lower than the melting temperature, generally slightly high.