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Recent New Plastic Extruder Has Come Out
Apr 19, 2017

It is understood that in CHINAPLAS2009 Chinaplas, South China University of Technology professor Qu Jinping invented the super shear plasticating extruder to obtain the widespread attention, there are two companies in different booth exhibition of two Taiwan products -- the application of the mechanism of super shear Plasticating extruder.

The plastic extruder based on the new material completely abandoned the traditional screw plastic extruder based on the shear and friction transport and plasticizing mechanism, but the transport mechanism based on the normal stress. The extruder is composed of a series of drying and extruding groups of the blade group, and the structure of each group is similar to the vane pump in the hydraulic system.

When the material from the main eccentric cavity enter, and then leaves to the small end cavity and extruded to the next unit of material completely in the normal stress under the action of grinding, compaction, exhaust and plasticizing. In this process, the volume of material is determined by the volume change of the cavity in the pump, and the transport efficiency is not affected by the rheological properties of the material. Therefore, the extrusion process is affected by the die head pressure and the extrusion characteristics are hard. Moreover, the residence time of the material in the extruder is more uniform, and the difference of the thermal history of the material is reduced.