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Pressure At End Of Screw Of Plastic Extruder
Aug 25, 2017

The pressure at the end of the screw reflects the resistance of all objects downstream of the screw: the strainer and the fouling breaker plate, the adapter pipe, the stationary agitator (if any), and the mold itself. Not only does it depend on the geometry of these components, it also depends on the temperature in the system, which in turn affects resin viscosity and velocity. It does not rely on screw design, which affects temperature, viscosity, and throughput. For safety reasons, measuring temperature is important - if it is too high, the die head and die may explode and injure nearby personnel or machines.

Pressure is beneficial for mixing, especially in the final zone (metering zone) of the single screw system. However, high pressure also means that the motor is going to output more energy - and hence higher melt temperatures - which can specify the pressure limit. In a twin screw, the two screws occlude each other, which is a more efficient mixer, and therefore does not require pressure for this purpose.