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Making 3D Printing Consumables With Filament Extruder
Apr 19, 2017

3D printer is a great tool to create, and now the price of the desktop 3D printer has begun to slow down to the level acceptable to ordinary consumers. But for many 3D printing enthusiasts, print material spending is not a small expenditure. Here introduces the reader to the two filament extrusion machine, it can be used to make 3D printing filament material cheaper at home, you can also mix experiments with different plastics, developed 3D printing and color characteristics of the new filament. Maybe your career will start from scratch!

We tested the two machines: the two are reliable, easy to use. The two machines have a push-button temperature controller and a simple switch for heater and motor. We only tested the ABS material, PLA because of the need to cool, these two machines are not installed heat.

Ideally, you can also print works failed to re melted into raw materials filament extrusion machine. But these two machines can not, they can only use cheap plastic particles.

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