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Is Plastic Leading Low-carbon Economy Development Tide?
Jul 27, 2017

From the new materials processing technology to the final application, the concept of green low-carbon has been going through the plastic processing industry's entire industry chain. From the last two years of CHINAPLAS point of view, energy-saving technology has undoubtedly become the global rubber and plastics market's most popular hot spot, and shall be more and more popular. From the servo-drive, all-electric injection molding machine, to the electromagnetic induction heating, infrared heating, till a variety of rich production units, will push energy saving, and high efficiency up to the limit. Energy-saving technology has become the plastic industry's most competitive part in the whole plastic industry.  

Plastic is one of the most efficient and most widely used materials in the current resource. It is a resource for renewable recycling. It should suggest the scientific management of plastic life cycle, increase the recycling and utilization of plastic, clarify some of the incorrect understanding of plastic , To promote the healthy development of the plastics industry.    

Now the development of the industry is facing increasing pressure and challenges because of impact on the environment from widespread use of plastics, how to effectively solve the plastic impact on the environment, change people's inherent understanding of the "pollution of the environment", it is very important, and it is the key to sustained and stable development of plastic industry.