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Features Of Plastic Extrusion Machine
Sep 08, 2017

1. single screw granulator has the following advantages: high concentration, extraction, feeding, extrusion, cold and hot cutting, air cooling, and automatic continuous operation. The single screw granulator has high production efficiency;

2. single screw granulator with mixing, feeding and extruding section can be chosen by customers using electric heating or steam heating or hot oil circulation heating technology, its temperature control requirements, according to the production of different materials, the temperature requirements are not the same.

3. mixer using "four edges synchronous wear-resisting mixing chamber" technology, high efficiency, low energy consumption, plasticizing fully, evenly dispersed;

4. the feeding device adopts the unique technology of our company, which can be used for auxiliary mixing of the mixing material, and feeding the single screw extruder to improve the efficiency and quality of the granulation;

5. double screw and single screw drive are AC frequency conversion technology, can be adapted to a variety of process technology requirements;

6. the front of the head adopts the hydraulic quick changing net device, which saves time and effort and is environmentally friendly;

7. granulator adopts rotary cutter disc and fine tuning device to carry out air-cooled hot bulb;

8. the cooling of the pellet is carried out by cyclone separator and drum type cooling machine or disc vibrating screen;

9., the electric control system adopts PLC, visual interface and frequency conversion technology to realize the whole automatic control.