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Development Of Single Screw Extruder At Home And Abroad
Apr 19, 2017

In the Chinese market, occupy a great advantage of single screw plastic extruder, it has the characteristics of simple structure, durable, easy maintenance, low price, easy operation, and in the process of continuous development, technology is upgrading towards high quality and high efficiency, multi-functional direction.

With independent R & D capability

Twin screw extruder for glass fiber reinforced mixing, if the glass fiber content of more than 45%, processing will become very difficult. The magnetic content of magnetic material is usually as high as 60%~70%, and sometimes even more than 90%, with ordinary extruder for magnetic material processing and granulation is almost impossible.

The joint efforts of the industry technology, R & D personnel, some special models such as the main exhaust extruder, series disc screw extruder, reciprocating pin screw extruder, with foam extruder, melt gear pump extruder, extruder, tandem multi-stage planetary screw extruder in both domestic manufacturers. Have the ability of independent research and development, and have independent intellectual property rights.

A number of domestic manufacturers and research institutes, according to the needs of domestic magnetic materials and other highly filled materials, carefully developed a separate design of the disc extruder. Typical examples such as Beijing and Beijing University of Chemical Technology. The disc extruder can be adjusted to adapt to different filling materials, such as glass fiber reinforced plastic, conductive material, new ceramics and other materials.

Reciprocating screw plastic extruder in recent years, the domestic market for a while, but also become a symbol of the technical strength of different manufacturers display products. The biggest characteristic of reciprocating single screw extruder is to achieve high filling of different materials. For glass fiber reinforced material processing, the amount of glass fiber can reach more than 50%.

It is also an effective way to improve the efficiency and reduce the energy consumption of the plastic extruder, which is equipped with new screw, barrel and exhaust system. For example, the use of higher length to diameter ratio of low shear screw, the use of slotted cylinder, the use of more efficient exhaust system is an effective means.