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Development Of Plastic Extruder Machine
Aug 18, 2017

As reported, after more than 100 years development, the plastic extruder has developed many kinds of models, such as double screw, multi screw, even screw free extruder machine. Plastic extruder machine and other auxiliary equipment for producing film, pipe, bar, wire, tape, packing tape, squeeze net, plate (sheet) material, profile, granulation, and cable coating compose complete extrusion molding production line for the production of various plastic products. Therefore, plastic extrusion machine, , is one of the widely used models in the plastics processing industry.

The current development trend of plastic extruder is as follows:

(1) the extruder is developing towards large scale, high speed and high efficiency. The extruder with screw diameter of 200 - 250mm has been common in many countries. Increasing the diameter of the screw can increase the production capacity of the extruder. When the diameter of the screw is doubled, the production capacity of the extruder can be increased largely.

Another effective way to increase production capacity is to increase the rotational speed of the screw. A high-speed and ultra high speed extruder with a rotating speed of more than 300r/min abroad is heard, so that the production capacity of the extruder is greatly improved. But the speed increase will bring the problem in plasticating, urges the people to conduct the research and experiment on structure and screw extrusion theory. The length diameter ratio of the screw is also developed from 20:1 to 36:1, and some of them are as high as 40:1. This is very effective in improving the quality and efficiency of plasticization.

(2) the auxiliary equipment of the extruder has become standardized to meet the requirements of different plastic products.

(3) extrusion automation, using microcomputer to detect and control the extruder process parameters, the temperature difference can be controlled within + 1 degrees celsius. Extrusion equipment adopts micro electronic technology to make plastic extrusion processing develop towards accurate, precise, energy saving and automation.

(4) in order to meet the requirements of new materials and new processes, new extruders appear constantly. Such as three screw extruder and planetary multi screw, non screw extruder, reactive extruder, double color extruder, foam extruder, etc..

Nowadays, modern plastic extrusion machine has been widely used in modern electronic and computer control technology, the extrusion process parameters such as melt pressure and temperature and the body temperature, the main screw and feed screw speed, feed rate, current ratio, motor voltage and other parameters of various materials was measured, and the microcomputer closed loop control. 

Therefore, as leading plastic extrusion machine manufacturer in China, we are following this development trend, and we are focusing on developing more extrusion automation technology according to new plastic materials and new processing ways from clients requirement, and more and more new processing technology is being used in various plastic products extrusion production lines which are manufactured by us.