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CVC Medical Central Venous Catheter Extrusion Production Line Shipped In July
Jul 14, 2017

Another medical CVC catheter extrusion production line was just shipped from our factory to Europe. This extrusion production line is used to produce single lumen (single channel), double lumen and three lumen central venous catheter tube for medical use. Special TPU material is applicable for such medical CVC catheter. 

The extrusion line consists of main extruder machine, extruding die, vacuum calibration cooling water tank, puller with cutter, collection stand and gas supply system, and also laser diameter measure gauge. By changing the extruding dies, the extrusion machine could produce single lumen, double lumen or three lumen tubes. By adjusting the gas supply system for different gas supply in production, different sizes tubes could be achieved successfully. By adjusting the running speed, the surface finish of the tube coming out is also very nice. 

The vacuum calibration water tank is 3 dimensional adjustable for production process adjustment. It is also easy to adjust the gas supply system to control the tube sizes. 

We just loaded the extrusion machine to container at beginning of July for sea shipment to Europe, and we shall send engineers to buyer's factory for machine installation, commissioning and extrusion production technology training to the buyer also after the CVC catheter extrusion production line reaches destination.