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Construction And Classification Of Twin Screw Extruder
Apr 19, 2017

Twin screw extruder is composed of transmission device, feeding device, feeding barrel and screw. The difference between the single screw extruder and the single screw extruder is that two parallel screws are arranged in the same barrel.

There are many different types of twin screw extruder, the main difference is that the screw structure is not the same. Twin screw extruder screw structure is much more complex than single screw extruder, which is because the twin-screw extruder screw as well as the direction of rotation, meshing degree, etc..

Double screw used for extruding PVC profile extrusion machine is usually closely engaged and counter rotating screw, but also the use of a small amount of co rotating twin screw extruder, but usually can only operate at low speed, approximately in the range of 10r/min. The high speed intermeshing co rotating twin screw extruder is used for mixing, exhaust granulation or as a series of chemical reactors. The maximum screw speed range of this kind of extruder is from 300 to 600r/min. There is a great difference between the non intermeshing extruder and the meshing extruder, and the mechanism is similar to that of the single screw extruder. The two are essentially different.