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Change Screw Speed By Adjusting Motor Speed
Aug 24, 2017

In most plastic extruders, changes in the screw speed could be achieved by adjusting the motor speed. The motor usually rotates at about 1750rpm full speed, but it's too fast for an extruder screw. If you rotate at such a high speed, you will produce too much friction heat, and the plastic residence time is too short to prepare a uniform, very good mixing of the melt. The typical deceleration ratio is between 10:1 and 20:1. The first stage can be either a gear or a pulley block, but the second stage uses gears and the screw is positioned at the center of the last big gear.

Sometimes the rate of deceleration matches the task incorrectly - too much energy is not available - and it is possible to add a pulley block between the motor and the first deceleration phase that changes the maximum speed. This either increases the screw speed to more than the previous limit or reduces the maximum speed, allowing the system to run at a greater percentage of the maximum speed. This will increase energy gain, reduce amperage, and avoid electrical problems. In the two case, depending on the material and its cooling requirements, the output may increase.

With the emergence and rapid development of computer technology, some new extrusion machine control system is controlled by computer, some auxiliary device configuration can also be saved, such as temperature control system of the instrument and other control equipment can be saved, and the computer to accept all the readings, and to control these readings are. It can be foreseen that with the further development of computers and extruders, a large number of extrusion equipment will be rapidly controlled by computer, and all the processing parameters will be reached, and the automatic control of extrusion forming will be achieved.Thus this should be noted when we talk about plastic extruder's screw running speed.