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Application And Benefits From Plastic Extrusion Machine
Aug 21, 2017

High speed and high production of extruder can make investors obtain greater output and high return with lower input. The efficiency of plastic extruder is mainly embodied in high output, low energy consumption and low manufacturing cost. While the precision can enhance the quality of products, such as multi-layer co extruded composite film were need precision extrusion, and as an important means to realize the precise extrusion of melt gear pump must intensify the research and development. In the aspect of function, the screw extruder is not only used for extrusion molding of polymer materials and mixing process, its use has been extended to the field of food, feed, electrode, explosives, building materials, packaging, paper pulp, ceramics etc.. In addition, the "one step extrusion process", which combines mixing, granulation and extrusion process, is also worthy of attention. The realization of large-scale extrusion equipment can reduce production costs, which is more obvious in large twin screw granulator units, blowing film units, pipe extrusion units and so on. Plastic extruder machine is now developing towards large-scale, extrusion processing automation, micro-computer loop control, as a professional plastic extruder machine manufacturer in China with more than 20 years experience in plastic extrusion field, we are also following this developing trend.