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3D Printing Raise A Revolution In Manufacturing Industry
Aug 17, 2017

The industrial field is still the mainstream market for 3D printing, and the industrial applications of 3D printing will become platform, intelligent and systematized in the future. It will not only be the development process and production process in the application of a single link, isolated technology, but also a comprehensive penetration and coverage of traditional manufacturing, and even innovative business models. With 3D printing and robot, networking, big data, cloud computing and other fields will be more closely, and thus reduce the storage cost and the optimization of supply chain management, to create "smart factory" and constructing "intelligent production" and "intelligent logistics plays a more important role. In addition, 3D printing technology will help thousands of creative customers, creative, small teams to verify the feasibility of the design, and promote people's innovation.

Since 3d printing becomes more and more popular, the market demand for consumables (ABS PLA TPU etc filament in 1.75mm, 3mm) of 3d printer is also increasing. Our 3d printer filament extrusion production line is designed to suit for production of various kinds of filament for 3d printer use.Its running speed is high for high output, its performance is excellent, as we master core extrusion technology for extrusion production of ABS, PLA etc plastic filament.