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3d Printer Filament Extrusion Production Line Test Successfully
Jun 21, 2017

One 3d printer filament extrusion production line was tested successfully these days in our factory.

It is composed of main extruder machine, 3-section type calibration water tank, haul off machine, laser micrometer

gauge, thread storage stand, winder machine. 

It was designed for both ABS and PLA material processing, furthermore, by changing the winding tension system, 

some other materials like TPU could also be processed by the same production line. 

During test production, the whole line was running stably, and size of the ABS and PLA filament (both origin material

and material with color concentrate) output could also be kept uniform (there was no big deviation), and be kept round with

good surface finish. 

The whole production line would be shipped to Canada after good packing.