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What work to be done for plastic extruder machine after one year?
Aug 24, 2017

Yearly maintenance work for plastic extruder machine:


(1) Check wear status of the V-belt and belt pulley, and adjust V belts center distance, to make V-belt with proper tightness, change the belt if it is worn seriously; 

(2) Remove the screw out of barrel, and check wear-out status of the barrel and screw. For slight scratch or coarse surface, you could use oil stone or fine abrasive sand paper to grind it to get smooth surface; Record actual size of inner bore and outer circle; 

(3) Dismantle gear speed reducer box, and bearing cover, to check quality of lubrication oil and metal powder content in the oil, PLS clean lubricated part, change or filter lubrication oil if necessary; 

(4) Check wear-out status of transmission gear and rolling bearing, do surveying for seriously worn-out bearing to prepare for stand-by parts production or purchase plan; 

(5) Check and calibrate heating temperature of barrel and die & temperature displayed on control box instrument by mercurial thermometer. 

(6) Adjust and test each safety alarm device to ensure its working accuracy and reliability. 

(7) Test and check if all the water and gas pipelines are going through, clean or repair leaked or blocked places; 

(8) Check and adjust working position of electrical heating device, cooling fan and safety cover to ensure they work normally and effectively; 

(9) Record specification and model no of oil seal, bearing and V-belt for parts purchase plan. 

Above work needed to be done after plastic extruder machine running for one year production. 

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