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What to be prepared before start PVC medical tube extrusion machine
Aug 20, 2017

What are required to be prepared before start PVC medical tube extrusion machine? 


(1) Clean the environment of the extrusion machine; 

(2) Clean the dust etc on the extrusion equipment

(3) Check lubrication oil in the oil box, do filter or replace it accordingly, and fill the oil box; 

(4) Check and clean tools of extrusion production, place them in order; 

(5) Check if the oil seals of entrance & exit of the barrel are fine, clean the hopper; 

(6) Check if any jointing bolt of the parts gets loose; 

(7) Clean dust in control box and meter box, check each wiring connection, check if the insulation resistance of motor, electric heating device and electrical control places are ok or not; 

(8) Check if any water, gas pipeline is through or not, and if there is any leakage; 

(9) Pull V-belt to check whether it turns easily, check if all the components run normally, check whether the screw runs easily without getting stuck or not; 

(10) Clean extruding die and check if parts of the die are smooth, non-stain, without oil mark, and then fix the die onto barrel (if filter net and spreader plate are needed, pls first fix these two parts and then fix the die); 

(11) After fixing the extruding die, PLS adjust the gap between the material exit of the die and mandrel properly to get uniform situation;  

(12) Check quality of plastic raw material (check if granule material is uniform or not, if there is impurity inside, if the material gets humidity)

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