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What should be noticed in PVC tube extruder production?
Aug 21, 2017

(1) Check running status: whether temperature at bearing place is going up normally or not; whether there is abnormal noise when each transmission part is running; whether lubrication oil is enough or not. 

(2) Check whether the temperature at barrel and die is as per requirement; 

(3) Check quality of plastic raw material, and check left quantity of material in the hopper; 

(4) Make surrounding of the hopper clean; 

(5) Other tips for reference: 

A. Turn up speed of main extruder, the pipe shall become thicker and bigger; while turn it down, it shall become thinner and smaller;

B. Vacuum: Turn it bigger to let pipe become more round, bigger, thinner; Turn it smaller to let pipe become more flat, smaller;

C. Haul off: faster speed to make the pipe become smaller, less speed to make the pipe become bigger.

D. When stop the machine:

First PLS lower the temperature to 120℃, after 1 minute, pls close material feeding entrance, and clean the material in the barrel. And then lower the temperature to normal about 50℃, and then stop the whole production line. 

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