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What is application of a medical catheter?
Sep 15, 2017

A medical catheter is a general term for communicating tubular products inside and outside the body. There are metal, plastic, rubber and other materials products. It is widely used as a channel in drainage, perfusion, administration, blood collection, transmission of blood, detection of biological conditions through induction components, and the introduction of other medical devices. With the social and economic development, people's living standards continue to improve, the clinical requirements of the catheter constantly higher demand for catheter industry innovation, to meet the needs of the clinical. With the development of catheter technology, the clinical application of medical catheter is developing day by day, and the demand is also increasing. According to incomplete statistics, currently the world's only catheter Department of Urology application there are six categories of more than 120, catheter for diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as cancer, there are more than 100 kinds. Statistics show that the United States alone has 16 thousand tons of polyurethane per year for the production of medical catheters, the output value of various catheters has exceeded 2 billion U. s.dollars.

As a professional medical catheter extrusion machine manufacturer, we supply belows medical catheter extrusion production lines: 

Medical infusion tube extrusion line; 

Medical central venous catheter tube extrusion line;

Medical tracheal tube extrusion line;

Medical stomach tube extrusion line; 

Medical nasal tube extrusion line; 

Medical oxygen tube extrusion line; 

Medical anaesthesia tube extrusion line; 

Medical capillary tube extrusion line; 

FEP PFA PTFE medical tube extrusion line; 

Medical interventional tube extrusion line; 

Medical drainage tube extrusion line;

Medical dilatation tube extrusion line; 

Double J Medical tube extrusion line; 

Medical blood bag / urine bag extrusion line.  

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