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What are main parts of plastic extruder?
Aug 26, 2017

It consists of barrel, screw, speed reducer box, drive motor, control electric box etc parts.


1. Screw drive adopts AC asynchronous motor to drag big torque gear speed reducer, screw rotating speed adjusting adopts frequency converter speed adjusting control, RPM of screw is 0~110; 

2. There are 7 heating zones’ temperature controllers on main extruder machine’s control panel, heating range is 0~400℃ 

The 1st zone is for screw material feeding section heating;

The 2nd zone is for screw compressed section heating;

The 3rd & 4th zone are for screw measuring section heating;

The 5th zone is for machine head clamp heating;

The 6th zone is for machine head body heating;

The 7th zone is for die mouth (exit of die) heating 


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