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What are FEP features?
Nov 23, 2017

FEP features: 

perfluoroethylene FEP is six and two kinds of tetrafluoroethylene hexafluoropropylene copolymer monomer, acronym is FEP. perfluoroethylene FEP is straight chain polymer, the molecular chain can be regarded as PTFE backbone a fluorine atom connected in each of the four carbon atom substituted by CF3 results compared with PTFE, the molecular chains of FEP symmetry, regularity of the destruction of the molecular chain rigidity is reduced, the frequency increases, the melting points of the materials will be reduced, increased mobility, heat resistance is also reduced. The destruction of FEP regularity causes the crystallinity of the material to be affected, and the crystallinity will decrease. FEP molecular chain still does not display polarity. FEP is milky white translucent to transparent solid, density is 2.14-2.179/cm3, only the second son of PTFE, smooth surface such as wax, water absorption rate is less than 0.01%. The conventional mechanical properties of poly (ethylene propylene glycol) FEP are similar to those of PTFE, but the creep resistance at room temperature and toughness is better than that of PTFE, and the creep resistance at high temperature is less than that of ptfe. Mechanical properties are greatly affected by temperature, but they can still withstand a certain load even at 200 degrees centigrade. 

The friction coefficient is small, only inferior to PTFE, and decreases with the increase of load, and the static friction coefficient is smaller than the dynamic friction coefficient. The crystal transition temperature, crystallization temperature and crystallization melting temperature are the main transition temperatures of FEP, which have a direct impact on the processing conditions and post-treatment conditions and product properties of FEP products. With the increase of the content of HFP or CF3 groups in FEP, the above characteristic temperatures will decrease.

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