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The right way for cleaning plastic extruder screw
Aug 15, 2017

The right way for cleaning screw of plastic extruder: 

  1. Correct cleaning procedures: 

The 1st step is close feeding plate, which is at the bottom of hopper dryer, and then turn down screw rotating speed to 15-25r/min, keep this speed till the melting material at the front end of extruding die stops flowing. Temperature of all heating zones should be set at 200℃, once this temperature reaches, PLS start cleaning at once. According to different extrusion technology, extruding die head perhaps has to be removed to reduce the danger when extruder front end pressure is too high. 

The operator reviews screw rotating speed and torque from control panel,and also check the extruding pressure if it is too high, during the whole process, the screw speed should be kept within 20r/min. 

If it is low pressure die head, pls dont remove die head for cleaning. Stop the machine and remove die head when the extrudate transforms totally from processing resin to clean resin, and then re-start the screw (speed within 10r/min), so that the rest clean resin could flow out. 

2. Choose suitable cleaning tools: 

Proper cleaning tools and materials are as belows: 

a. heat resistant gloves; b. eye-protection glasses; c. bronze scrape knife; d. bronze brush; 

e. copper wire mesh; f. stearic acid; g. electric drill; h. barrel ruler; i. cotton cloth. 

Once clean resin stops extruding flowing take the screw out of the equipment. For screw with cooling system, before starting screw-out device (this device may be attached to gearbox),pls remove hose line and rotating joint parts. Use screw-draw out device to push the screw forward till the screw shows 4-5 screw block for cleaning. The clean resin on the screw could be removed by brass scrap knife and brass brush.After the clean resin on the exposed screw section is cleaned up, push the screw forward further for 4-5 block and continue cleaning. In this way, finally most part of the screw would be pushed out of the barrel. 

Once most part of clean resin is removed, pour some stearic acid on the screw, and then use brass wire mesh to remove remaining residue. When the whole screw is scrubbed by brass wire mesh, use cotton cloth for the last step wipe.This is to ensure that there is no pollution when doing the next production. 

After the screw is totally cleaned up, if want to store it, apply one layer of grease on its surface to avoid rust. 

Steel made tool, like steel screw driver, scrape knife or pinch bar is not allowed to be used to clean the plastic material on the screw, because steel would damage surface of screw and barrel.  

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