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Set up high precision medical catheter extrusion equipment
Sep 12, 2017

Precision medical catheter production equipment includes raw materials drying equipment, catheter extrusion units, accessories production equipment, disinfection equipment, packaging equipment, etc.. Due to the different shapes and specifications of the catheters, the fittings and the end of the catheter are different, the required equipment will vary.

As a precision medical catheter manufacturer, the basic equipment needed includes raw materials, drying equipment, catheter extrusion units, injection machines, etc.. With basic equipment, special extrusion dies and injection molds can be used to produce precision medical catheters.

In order to ensure the geometrical accuracy and uniformity of the vessel, the following key technologies and equipment are adopted in the production unit:

(1) the adoption of precision drive system

In the extruder, melt gear pump, parallel type voltage stabilizing device and a traction machine drive system adopts the servo motor to replace inverter motor or DC motor, the driving precision is improved by more than 90%, control response time increased by more than 80%, fully meet the requirements of precision driving and precision control.

(2) stable voltage system

The stability of the extrusion pressure is the key to determine the geometric accuracy of the vessel. The unit has a variety of voltage stabilizing system according to the material and the geometrical parameters of the vessel:

A. stabilized voltage system based on melt gear pump

So far, the melt gear pump is the most effective voltage regulator. For the products with high geometrical accuracy, the imported melt gear pump should be chosen as a voltage stabilizing device. After adopting the gear pump of the melt, the fluctuation of the axial dimension of the pipe can be reduced by more than 90%. For the plastic with poor thermal stability, such as PVC and polyurethane, the melt gear pump can not be chosen to prevent the material degradation during processing. In addition, the higher price of the melt gear pump is also a factor to consider when selecting the stabilizing system.

B. voltage stabilizing system based on shunt regulator

The parallel regulator is a patented technology of Beijing University of Chemical Technology. It has the characteristics of simple structure, steady voltage effect and low cost. By adopting the parallel voltage stabilizing system, the fluctuation of the axial dimension of the pipe can be reduced by more than 70%. Parallel type voltage stabilizing device also not suitable for heat sensitive materials, medical catheter processing of temperature sensitive materials need to use other forms of power system.

(3) precision medical catheter manufacturing dies;

The scientific design of precise medical catheter mold production by using CAE software for precision machining of mould adopts CNC machining technology and electrochemical machining method, in order to meet the requirements of precision molding medical catheter.

(4) application of statistical process control system

SPC:Statisticai Process Control (statistical process control) is a statistical model based on the process parameters for statistical processing and analysis, to achieve precise control of the process. This method is a kind of advanced control method based on the prediction process development trend, which can improve the control accuracy by more than 80% than the conventional logic program control method (PLC). With the SPC control system, the fluctuation of the extrusion temperature can be controlled within + 1 degrees.

We are professional medical catheter extrusion equipment and mould / dies manufacturer with more than 20 years experience in this area. Hope we have chance to service global friends to set up high precision medical catheter extrusion equipment.

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