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Safety notices for plastic extrusion machine operator
Aug 25, 2017

1. Electrical wiring of main electric control cabinet, electrical components change, daily maintenance etc must be carried out by skilled workers. The electric wiring of the whole production line must be grounded properly, otherwise there may be danger like equipment damage or people injury; 

2. Extruding machine head, die are with high temperature during machine running, pls take care and be careful of scald; 

3. Every time when starting the extruding machine, PLS make sure the barrel temperature has reached required level, and heat preservation for at least half an hour. Starting frequency could not be over 5HZ when starting the frequency converter of main extruder machine, otherwise the equipment may get damage. 

4. When stop the extruding machine, PLS turn all the switch knobs of motors, heaters, running speed controllers to 0 position to avoid that the current load is too big which causes damage to electrical components in the electric box and possible electric shock to people when starting the machine. 

5. Starting sequence: Main power-control power-each small switch; 

Stopping sequence: each small switch-control power-main power. 

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