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Plastic extrusion equipment has impact on plastic extrusion product quality
Oct 22, 2017

1. Extruder: an extruder which for melting, plasticizing, quantitative conveying of material and providing molding pressure, determines the plasticizing effect of the material, the degree of mixing and temperature uniformity, and the stability of the extrusion pressure. The plasticizing effect has influence on products'quality and appearance of gloss; uneven mixing makes the product performance uneven and reduce the level; the extrudate temperature nonuniformity, resulting in uneven product size, product warpage, and even cause local overheating decomposition, reduce the service life of the products; the extrusion pressure fluctuation will cause the uneven size of products and the quality fluctuation, even products are stuck or pulled off.

2. Auxiliary equipment: for the completion of cooling, traction, cutting, coiling and other functions, has important influence on the product appearance shape, size stability, cooling efficiency and cooling uniformity, and internal stress, deformation, the specifications of the finished products. 

3. Machine head or die: makes the plasticizing melt resin forming needed section shape under pressure, it determines the product dimensions, tolerances and surface quality, influence the physical and mechanical properties of the products, production efficiency and stability of operation. If the pipe head diffluent bracket unreasonable design will cause the weld line, and splice strength; if machine head core mould and die head concentricity deviation, will make the products appear thick side while thin another side; head compression ratio is too large, with large size machine head, material flow resistance big, easy to overheat and decomposite.; the compression ratio is too small, the weld line is not easy to disappear, the tube wall is not dense, low intensity; runner inside machine head not smooth, which cause dead corners, easy to cause the material stay long time and decomposition.   

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