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Daily maintenance work for plastic extrusion production line
Aug 23, 2017

Daily maintenance work for plastic extrusion production line:


(1) Often check purity of the plastic material, not allowed sand or metal powder etc mixing inside and enters the barrel;


(2) Check lubricated part, apply lubrication oil, bearing position working temperature could not be over 50 centigrade degree;


(3) Start screw at low speed, and turn up the speed after working for some time;


(4) Barrel needs enough time for heating and heat preservation, production under temperature which is lower than technology requirement is not allowed;


(5) Screw running time when there is no material in the barrel is not allowed to be over 2~3min;


(6) Check swing change of indicator of screw motors amp meter, if motor overload work for long time, pls stop machine and eliminate the problem;


(7) After the barrel is heated to required temperature for the first time, tighten the fixing bolt of barrel and base jointing again;


When assemble the die and screw, the touch surface of the parts must be clean, tightening bolt must be applied with one layer silicon oil to facilitate parts disassembling. 

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