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Important tips for plastic extruder production
Aug 22, 2017

 Important tips for plastic extruder production

(1) Before every machine start, PLS check whether there is foreign matter in the barrel or hopper, clean every foreign matter or oil mark in time;  

(2) Any abnormal noise or unstable running status is found during production and don’t know its reasons, pls stop the machine and call for engineers to check. No machine repair or hand touch transmission part is permitted during machine running; 

(3) Don’t knock the parts by hammer when dismantle or fix screw and die parts, pls use hard wood for cushion when necessary;   

(4) Screw running in the barrel for long time is not allowed when there is no material in the barrel, max time of empty run is 2~3min; 

(5) When the operator is checking the troubles & when starting the machine, PLS do not face the extruding die or barrel to avoid that the plastic material after melting under high temperature spouts onto operator. 

(6) During normal production, pls check from time to time swing change of indicator of main motor’s amp meter, if long time overload work, pls stop the machine in time and check possible reason and solve it before re-start the machine;   

(7) PLS touch gently test position by hand back when checking working temperature of bearing place and motor outer cover;   

(8) PLS use bamboo or brass made knife to clean the residual material on barrel, screw and die, scraping by steel made knife or fire burning is not allowed. 

(9) Operator must be present in the whole production process; 

(10) Operator must be trained before work; 

(11) PLS apply anti-rust oil onto the cleaned screw and wrap up it and hang it vertically at dry and ventilated place if it shall be free of work for some time. 

(12) PLS apply anti-rust oil to every working surface of extruding die, PLS seal its entrance and exit closely by oil paper if the extrusion equipment shall not be used for a period. Don’t put heavy things on barrel and die, otherwise it may deform after being pressed for long time. 

(13) For each equipment of new extrusion production line, PLS change lubrication oil in all the oil boxes or cups after production for 500hours, all the lubrication oil in oil box and bearing must be drained out, and clean all the bearings and oil boxes and then re-fill new lubrication oil. 

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