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How to clean plastic extruder screw?
Aug 14, 2017

Nowadays, cleaning plastic extruder machine is not a big issue, but it is issue that how to clean the extruder machine in safe way, which ensures no damage to screw and barrel. 

  1. Choose correct heating device: 

Normally fire burning way is used to remove the plastic material on the screw, but acetylene flame can never be used to clean the screw, because the temperature of acetylene flame could reach 3000 ℃,which shall destroy metal features of screw, and it shall influence on machining tolerance of screw. It may lead to screw bending. Most of screw is made of 4140.H.T. steel, tolerance is about within 0.03mm, its straightness is within 0.01mm, after heating by acetylene and cooling, the screw straightness is very hard to return to original extent.

Correct way: Use spray light for cleaning right after using screw, because there is still heat with the screw, which was produced in processing, so the screw's heating distribution is even. 

2. Choose correct cleaning agent: 

Low pressure material situation: use partial-melt HDPE (MI 0.35) for cleaning; 

High pressure material situation: use linear high pressure material for cleaning; 

TPU processing situation: use TPU side brand material + CaCo3 filler for cleaning; 

Cleaning agent quantity to use: 

Diameter 50mm screw: 4.5kg cleaning agent; 

Diameter 90mm screw: 15kgs cleaning agent; 

For screw with diameter less than 90mm, take screw out of barrel and clean it thoroughly.   

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