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How to clean barrel of plastic extruder machine
Aug 16, 2017

Cleaning barrel of plastic extruder is much easier than cleaning screw, but it is also very important.How to clean barrel of plastic extruder in correct way? 

  1. Set temperature of barrel at 200℃ also; 

  2. Connect round shape steel brush with electric drill to make one cleaning tool, and then wrap steel brush with brass wire mesh; 

  3. Pour some stearic acid into barrel or onto the brass wire mesh of cleaning tool, before insert the cleaning tool into barrel; 

  4. when the brass wire mesh enters barrel, start electric drill to rotate, and make it move forward and backward, until it moves without any resistance; 

  5. After brass wire mesh comes out of barrel, use one bundle of cotton cloth to scrub to and fro in the barrel, to remove any clean resin or stearic acid residue; 

  6. After several times of scrubbing like this to and fro, the cleaning for barrel finishes, the barrel is available for re-assembly and next time production at any time. 

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