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High speed PVC wood plastic profile production line
Apr 19, 2017

Recently, Some company is independently developed high speed PVC wood wood profile extrusion production line, has attracted many users to visit ordering.

The production line of high degree of automation, easy operation, production speed of up to 6 m / min. Using De Shi Wei's unique formula to produce PVC wood wood profiles, green environmental protection, not only strong in wood texture, light weight, but also has the natural wood pattern and beautiful color, the foamability and the color of the product can be adjusted, without post processing. The PVC wood wood profile also has high strength and hardness, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, no deformation, no formaldehyde content, easy recovery, can be made into various shapes and sizes, not only retains the advantages of wood processing in terms of performance, but also overcomes the wood is not durable, afraid of insects shortcomings.

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